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Our Story

Welcome to Georgie Lu’s

A note about myself and how this exciting endeavor began...

I worked for over 34 years in the grocery retail business while raising two children.  A Baltimore native, I relocated with my family to Sykesville about 20 years ago.  With my retirement on the horizon and with visiting my first Children's Consignment shop a few years back, I began to give serious consideration of opening my own store. 

I have grandchildren of my own and know all too well the great expense involved with raising children today.  With that in mind, my hope is to offer families an affordable option to shop and to feel gratification of a dollar saved! 

So this brings me to today...

The name of my shop is just as important as the store itself.  Georgie Lu's is named in honor of my two beloved late sisters.  My best friends in life, together Georgie, Lucy and myself raised and loved 10 children.  There could be no other name for my store but Georgie Lu's.  

Know when you enter my door- you will always feel welcomed and will always be appreciated for your patronage.


Sincerely yours,


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