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An appointment is needed for consigning with us.  However, at certain times we will offer "Open Consignment" in which an appointment is not needed.  These dates will be posted in advance. To get started please call or book online!

  • Appointment Days - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

  • Please call 443-920-3146 or send an email to 

  • To save time, please print, read and fill out the "CONSIGNOR AGREEMENT". Download Agreement below.  We will have copies at the store as well.

Drop & Go

  • You may bring up to 50 items packed in a clean disposable bag or box, labeled with your name and consigner number. Any items that do not meet our agreement standards for resale will be donated to a local mission and/ or a clothing bank.

  • Clothes must be freshly cleaned, free of pet hair and folded neatly.  We provide hangers for all items.  Please keep in mind clothes in current styles have a higher resale value.  We will not accept items that are stained, torn, pilled, recalled, broken or missing pieces.

  • Your items will be processed within 5 days.

  • After 90 days if you fail to pick up your items they will become property of Georgie Lu's.


Policies & Procedures

If you have larger items, please indicate that you will be bringing these to consign when you call to make your appointment.  Our staff will evaluate them immediately and make a decision whether we can sell these items.  If not you will need to take the items back home. The remainder of the items will be processed as a Drop & Go as noted above.    

  • We do not accept Wal-Mart, K Mart or Target Brands.   These brands are wearable but, not always sellable.

  • Only bring in items that you yourself would be willing to spend your money on. 

  • We do not sell car seats, cribs, potty chairs or infant tubs.  Please call first if in doubt about what to bring

  • As a consigner at Georgie Lu’s you will earn 40% on clothing, shoes, toys and misc. items that sell within the first 90 days on the sale floor, 50% on all large baby equipment items that sell within the first 90 days. 

  • After 90 days if you fail to pick up your items they will become property of Georgie Lu's.

  • We will assign you a consigner number and keep an inventory of your sales. 

  • Checks will be mailed the first week of March (Example: March’s check is for your items that sold in January & February), May, July, September, November and January.

  • A list of your items that sold and the amount they were sold for can be found on

  • Account balances below $10.00 will roll forward to the next billing cycle. 

You can check the status of your account on the Online Web Site by entering your Consignor ID and last name.

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